Foods to Avoid for a Healthier Life

You are what you eat. This important statement leaves us with the hard task of picking out the unhealthy foods and replacing them with healthy ones. Avoiding unhealthy foods comes with the advantages of reducing weight and preventing lifestyle diseases. Food plays an important role in what we become; avoiding bad foods makes us better and healthy.

Highly Processed Foods

Food processing has revolutionized the food industry; this has, however, come with the undesired effect of eroding nutrients from the foods.

White bread is a classical example. Its main constituent is refined wheat, this has an insignificant amount of important nutrients and what you get from it is empty calories. An alternative to brown bread is bread made from whole grains; this is less processed and has both important minerals and carbohydrates for the body.

People looking to reduce their weight are always lured by low-carbohydrate formulations sold in retail stores. These so-called formulations consist of man-made ingredients with zero value as far as nutrition is concerned. Natural low carbohydrate foods such as a diet consisting of beans and vegetables should be prepared instead.

Additionally, highly processed meat is to be avoided. A crucial part of meat processing is preservation; chemical preservatives are the norm today. Studies were done on individuals with cancer of the colon show association with heavy usage of processed meat. Meat with no preservatives should be used instead.

Foods with High Sugar Content

A can of soda has an estimate of ten teaspoons of sugar. Such a high intake of sugar predisposes an otherwise healthy individual to diabetes. Additionally, heavy intake of sweetened soft drinks has been linked with higher incidence of obesity and other lifestyle diseases. A conscious effort should be made to replace soda intake with water which comes with many health benefits.

In addition to that, ice-creams are another calorie dense snack. Ice-creams are especially dangerous as it is easy to consume a large amount. A rapid sugar overload to the body interferes with the body’s mechanism to regulate sugar. In situations where ice-creams cannot be avoided homemade ice creams with low sugar amounts should be used.

Moreover, cakes and other confectioneries come with large amounts of sugars, refined flour, and harmful fats. They are deficient in vitamins and minerals such as sodium which are essential for normal body functioning. Diseases found in people living sedentary lifestyles are also found in people taking such foods.

Foods with Unhealthy Fats

Refined oils of vegetable and animal origin have been increasing in popularity. Vegetable oil especially corn oil is linked with high levels of omega six acids this accelerates the aging process by allowing free radicals to accumulate in the body. Animal fat, on the other hand, has cholesterol. Cholesterol accumulation leads to heart disease. At all times bad foods containing fats should be avoided instead healthy oils including olive and avocado oils should be eaten.

Potato chips and French fries are filled with fats and simultaneously have empty calories. The fats used contain a compound called acrylamide which is a known cancer causing agent.

As a general principle, foods with; high sugar content, highly refined and with high fat content are bad foods. For healthier and better lives natural foods with low sugars and fats should form the basis of a good diet.